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Water in Urban Areas was originally established in 2010 as a strategic partnership. From the end of 2014, Water in Urban Areas has transformed from a strategic partnership to an innovation network. The uniqueness of Water in Urban Areas is that the network consists of both knowledge institutions, government agencies, utilities and private companies (tetra-helix structure).

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Develop, optimize, test and demonstrate new and existing technologies to hande heavy rain events.

The aim of this project has been to develop, optimize, test, and demonstrate new and existing technologies within handling heavy rain events in relation to SUDS, especially when using rainwater as a resource on public institutions, such as schools etc. In June 2013 a new demo-plant on an existing public school (Lindebjerg School in Roskilde) was build. This plant is supposed to handle both everyday rain and heavy rain events/cloudbursts.

The new technologies, which is developed and/or demonstrated within this project is:

  • Permeable pavements (developed by the companies IBF and NCC)
  • Infiltration trenches with a membrane and a water pump – called a Collectio (developed by Wavin)
  • Outlet of a water trench used as an inlet of a basin for playing kids
  • Playing basin for kids designed as a map of Roskilde Fiord (designed by Thing & Brandt Landskaber)
  • Outlet of a basin /inlet of an ACO-drain (basin will be emtied when needed)
  • Overflow from a playing basin /inlet of an ACO-drain (max water level is 12 cm)
  • Outlet from an ACO-drain to the Collectio
  • Overflow from the Collectio to a raingarden
  • Overflow from a raingarden into a traditional trench

The total SUDS plan was finished in the spring of 2015, and the new technologies is functioning as planned. The plant has transported, stored, evaporated, infiltrated or delayed every rain since June 2013, where the plant was build.

The Climate Adapted Elementary School has recieved a lot of attension and there has been lots of visitors – nationally and internationally.

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Water in Urban Areas
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