Improve the Logistics of Waste and Raw Materials

Best logistic for materials to be transported and/or stockpiled, compression/baling is needed

Wamatech has extensive experience in offering equipment and solutions for baling of various materials like: Hard and soft plastic, aluminium and metal cans, metal, folio. Paper ( also shredded), Cardboard , carton, tyres, PET-bottles, Styropore, MSW and many other materials.

When baling materials for transportation the payload of the truck/containerload is increased improving logistics for waste and raw materials, which is reducing costs for the industry, reducing trucks on the road and not least reducing CO2 for us all.

When baling materials for stockpiling the stock facility is reduced, whether indoor our outdoor. For some materials it also reduces risk of fire.

 You get many advantages by baling the waste:

  • You save freight costs
  • You save space
  • You can easily handle the waste
  • You can prevent self ignition by wrapping it
  • You can be more efficient when using landfill.

We can assist you in finding the most suitable baler for exactly your purpose, perhaps in combination with other machines for separation and shredding. Here the space available is important. We have solutions to meet the requirements for very small quantities as well as large quantities easing your logistics of waste and raw materials.

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We have a long experience in providing equipment, lines and solutions for handling, processing and recycling of waste and raw materials.

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