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We have a long experience in providing equipment, lines and solutions for handling, processing and recycling of waste and raw materials.

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Sorting of MSW, paper, newspaper, cardboard etc. is bringing value and reducing waste

Wamatech has extensive and long experience in proving equipment and solutions for the sorting of waste materials. Basically, four methods are used when sorting waste: manuel, mechanical, by pheumatic or robot.

We have equipment and solutions for all methods and mix to achive the best possible results for the individual customer.

MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) is often coming in to the sorting facility as a mix.  MSW is ordinary household waste and rubbish consisting of so many different types of waste that separation of it all into fractions makes no sense. It is, however, worthwhile to sort some types of waste for recycling and thereby achieve the profit from the sale of this waste and reduce the lot for incineration. The dry materials such as; glass, plastic, steel, metals and paper/cardboard can be sorted and separated in order to be recycled. The residual material can be used as compost, secondary fuel or other things depending on the composition of the material.

By increasing the percentage of recycled waste you will benefit from a higher profit and it is better for the environment.

Materials such as; paper, magazins and cardboard has to be sorted and separated in order to be recycling into new materials.

Here at Wamatech we know a lot about solutions to seperation and shredding. Contact us and hear our solutions to processing mixed waste and get a better utilization and a higher profit.

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