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We have a long experience in providing equipment, lines and solutions for handling, processing and recycling of waste and raw materials.

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Shredding systems for effective material separation

Wamatech has extensive and long experience in providing the best suitable down sizing equipment and lines for various materials like:

Tyres: consist of rubber, steel and fiber – all reusable materials when separated. Cables: consists of copper or aluminum and organic (plastic insulation) –  metal and plastic is highly recyclable materials for the industry. Electronic waste (WEEE): consist of steel, plastics, copper and precious metals – all recyclable materials – WEEE is also called “urban mining”. Aluminum: is one of the most recycled materials, when it has been cleaned from impurities the smelters and the roling industry are transforming it into sheets and bars for the industry. Refrigerators: consist of steel, plastic, copper and some precious metals which are recyclable, but also CFC gasses which is damaging the Ozone and therefore has to be collected in the shredding and separating system for a further treatment to be neutralized. Other materials: depending on the material what the benefit is. Overall, separated materials has more value than mixed materials.

Advantages with shredders: 

  • Hopper opening from 44 x 28” to 96 x 50” and square 65 x 65” til 72 x 72”
  • Motor power from 75 hp to 800 hp
  • Robust construction ensures long service life
  • Knives can be welded and grinded several times, reducing operational costs
  • Available as a mobile solution
  • Hydraulically or electrically driven.

The models, which we sell, are produced in USA with Granutech Saturn, and are used worldwide.

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