Vikingegaarden – M2M wireless communication

Vikingegaarden – M2M wireless communication

Vikingegaarden makes web-based process systems which can be used to optimize energy consumption. The control unit – VikMote – is mounted at the process to automatically control the utilization of electricity when it’s cheapest.
The system is in operation at a de-central diesel mini power plant to provide farmers with electricity.

The main product for a farmer is heat and the electricity is normally sold to the public grid. At a certain price of electricity, the diesel plant is automatically stopped, and the heating takes place by means of power supplied from the public grid.

Another project is pumps in the southern part of Jutland, regulating the water level in the marsh around the city of Tønder. The pumps are mainly started when the electricity is cheapest, optimizing the total cost of energy. The process of start/stop is fully automated.
The price of electricity is transferred to the VikMote on a daily basis and used to control and optimize the production. A low price of electricity normally occurs when there is a high energy production of the wind mills.

EVergreen charging stations are developed by Vikingegaarden. Go to to read more about this project. In connection with the Project EVerGreen, Vikingegaarden has developed the website which makes it easier to be an electric car user.


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