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Viking Winds' mission is to produce a solid, tenable, and all-round household wind turbine that is easy to transport, install, and maintain all over the world.

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Viking Vs - reliable, flexible, and pleasing for the eye

Viking VS has its root in its well-tested and reliable predecessor, Viking 25. The excellent features from Viking 25 have been implemented in this model, but furthermore, Viking VS has been refined on the performance area and made more adaptable. That means the Viking VS wind turbine can be adjusted to the current conditions at the location and the performance is adjustable to everything between 10 KW and 25 KW.

Viking VS meets the international standards for household wind turbines and comes with a 2-year warranty on all components. To ensure a longer lifetime of the Viking VS wind turbine, we have implemented a larger amount of safety factors along with more conservative calculations compared to both the large MW wind turbines and other types of household wind turbines. In practice, that means a lifetime on the turbine which in most locations exceeds 20-25 years.

Viking household wind turbines are Danish design when its best: functional and pleasing to the eye and has been successful for the Danish wind industry for decades.

Since the design of the turbines is both aesthetics as well as functional, it makes installation and maintenance easy and low-cost. Watch the video to see just how easy it is to erect and lower a Viking Wind Turbine

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