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Viking Winds mission is to produce a solid, tenable and all-round household wind turbine that is easy to transport, install and maintain all over the world.

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Viking 25 - the flagship of our company. Strong, reliable and beautiful.

Viking 25 was the first wind turbine for private households to be developed by Viking Wind. The turbine was constructed in 2009 and has since then been thoroughly tested in Denmark with the largest amount of operating wind turbines at that time. The Viking 25 turbine has proven its might during violent storms and bad weather without any accidents.

Viking 25 is the most well tested turbine and has been a bestseller household wind turbine in its class in Denmark for a long period. Our new variant, Viking VS has taken over a part of the market share for household wind turbines, but Viking 25 is still a strong and dependable alternative!

The Viking 25 household wind turbine is fitted with two independent brake systems. During normal operation Viking 25 will use the electromechanical brake system. On top of that, Viking 25 has an additional aerodynamic brake system, consisting of three independent brakes at the end of each blade. The aerodynamic brake system is an extra safety feature, which prevents the rotor from bolting. Under unpredictable weather conditions, this offers maximal security.

Viking VS lives up to international standards for household wind turbines and comes with a 2-year warranty on all components. To ensure a longer lifetime of the Viking VS wind turbine for private households, we have implemented a greater amount of safety factors along with more conservative calculations compared to both the large MW wind turbines and other types of household wind turbines. In practice that means a turbine lifespan which in most locations exceeds 20-25 years.


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