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Viking Winds' mission is to produce a solid, tenable, and all-round household wind turbine that is easy to transport, install, and maintain all over the world.

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On a small island in Denmark, green energy solutions are being developed. The transition is ambitious but necessary, both when it comes to the overall sustainability of the island as well as for the future success of a green Denmark.

Besides the energy project which includes two wind turbines from Viking Wind, there is a resort on the island with a hotel, conference rooms, greenhouses, and an orangery to produce organic foods for the guests. 16-20 people have full-time employment to take care of the resort’s guests.

The future target of 100% self-sustaining renewable energy on Vejroe is brought about equally from necessity and curiosity. Today the island is not connected to the mainland, either with cables or regular transportation. The former diesel-based energy supply required thousands of liters of diesel that had to be transported to Vejroe by ship to power the diesel generators. That was both an impractical and expensive way of supplying energy for the small island. Earlier the annual energy bill was a total of more than 1 million Danish kroner, and for that alone, the incentive to make the island self-sustaining with sustainable energy and heat was strong.

The project is also strongly driven by the desire to explore, test, and learn how an isolated island in the best and most economical way can become self-sustaining with green energy. You can read more about the project here

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