VELUX solar powered roof windows

New all-in-one solar powered roof windows GGL Solar and GGU Solar

The VELUX Group is first to market with an all-in-one solar powered electrical roof window. No other manufacturers and no competitors are currently offering a comparable product. 

By being cable-free and independent of any power supply, the unique construction of the VELUX Solar window sets it apart from existing products.

The product supports VELUX ambitions to supply farsighted and energy-efficient solutions.

It is also worth noting that the VELUX GGL/GGU Solar window won the award as the most innovative product at the Bau trade fair in Munich in January 2009.

The window is being used in VELUX Model Home 2020.


Solar cell technology

The VELUX Group has developed a new all-in-one solar window based on innovative use of solar cell technology. By harnessing the sun’s energy, it is possible to achieve an electrically operated window without any connection to 230V.

Technical specification:

The VELUX Solar cell window operator is supplied with energy via the solar cell panel fitted to the roof window top cover. The energy collected in the solar cell panel is stored in the battery box, which supplies the window operator with energy whenever it is activated using the accompanying remote control. The motor and battery box are factory-concealed at the top of the window. Use of the remote control permits the window to be opened and shut with the aid of energy harnessed from the sun. The VELUX Solar cell window operator is supplied with a fully charged battery which provides around 300 open-shut operations without further charging. The battery recharges continuously, not just when the sun is out, but also when the sky is overcast. This offers the best guarantee of constant and reliable window operability. The energy collected in the battery box is stored automatically for later use.

io-homecontrol technology

VELUX GGL/GGU Solar utilises io-homecontrol technology, which allows other products with the io-homecontrol® label to be operated using the same remote control.


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