Kobari is an example of a traditional Japanese eco house.

Daylight from VELUX roof windows embraces the whole space beneath them with soft light that reaches deeper into the rooms. This enhances the beauty of the colours and shapes of the architecture and interior.

By installing roof windows, the living room is given a wide open feeling. Roof windows bring daylight and fresh air effectively into the house, allowing it to breathe and creating a healthy indoor climate.

Ventilation and heat evacuation
In the summer, warm air is released through the roof windows and in winter, sunlight heats the room. An ecological life style means more hours without the air conditioner running. As hot air rises, roof windows release heat inside the house, drawing in cool air, reducing indoor temperatures considerably and making life more comfortable in summer – a process called natural ventilation.

Roof windows release heat from inside a house as warm air rises towards the ceiling. When that happens, the temperature in a room becomes much lower – if the wind is blowing in the right direction and of sufficient strength, the temperature drop can be dramatic.
Insulation and passive solar gain
High performance panels and insulated panes absorb and retain warmth from sunlight. Because roof windows admit so much daylight, facade windows can be smaller, which contributes to better insulation of the room. So a house will need less heating in winter.

Highly insulating window panes retain the heat of the sun. And because roof windows admit abundant daylight, façade windows can be smaller. This improves the overall insulation of the room and reduces the need for heating in the winter.

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