Single-minded effort pays off

By The VELUX Group, July 04, 2012

It is possible to change employees’ behaviour patterns – even the most ingrown routines.

​With a comprehensive safety programme at the 25%-implemented stage, the VELUX Group can see already that it is possible to change employees’ behaviour and thereby reduce the number of accidents at its factories.

Figures from the Group’s recently published Corporate Responsibility report show they were able to cut the number of industrial accidents among wage-earning staff by 37% in 2011 compared to the previous year.

In 2011, there was an average of 2.8 industrial accidents per million working hours at the Group’s factories, which is an improvement on the average of 4.5 accidents the previous year. To put these statistics into perspective, the average for Danish industry as a whole is about 20-25 industrial accidents per million working hours.  

“We have started a programme that we call VELUX Safety Excellence, which focuses on safety management and the safe behaviour of production staff – and which has already shown promising results even at this early stage. Up to now, we have concentrated on technical aspects – making sure machinery was properly safeguarded and that safety equipment was in order. And of course we will continue to do that. But experience has taught us that most accidents are caused by unsafe behaviour, not machinery or equipment,” says Group Director David P. Meyer. 

He continues, “safety has always been an area of focus for us and we have taken the decision not just to be better than most other companies, but to be among the very best in the area. We believe that all accidents can be prevented”.  

The VELUX Safety Excellence programme is being carried out in cooperation with the international company DuPont Sustainable Solutions, which has specialised in advising other companies on safety.

Senior Account Manager, David Mallard, DuPont Sustainable Solutions:

“The crucial factor in reducing incidents is to understand that safety is a people issue. To improve safety, you need to change the habits of the employees, and the best influence we have on that is the leadership style that is practiced in the organisation. To achieve zero accidents is absolutely possible. We have many examples in DuPont of operating facilities, where we have run not only many weeks or many months but many years without lost time injuries in the organisation.”

One third of the VELUX Group’s factories had no accidents at all in 2011, which is an excellent indicator that the Group’s ambitious goal for 2014 is far from unrealistic; on the contrary, it is firm evidence that accidents at work can be prevented completely.   Read more in the VELUX Group’s CR report, Building a Model Company

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