No shortcuts to quick and cheap CO2 reduction

By VELUX, July 04, 2012

There are no shortcuts to quick and cheap CO2 reduction; indeed, companies can risk higher levels of carbon emissions along the way as they implement their climate strategies.

The VELUX Group’s experience is that it is only after a long, hard effort that a climate goal can eventually be reached.

The VELUX Group is well under way in implementing its climate strategy, drawn up and published in 2009. The goal is to reduce the Group’s overall CO2 emissions by 20% by the end of 2012 based on 2007 emissions, which amounted to 100,000 tons. Figures from the Group’s recently published Corporate Responsibility (CR) report show that CO2 emissions have been reduced by just over 10%, based on the same year. This leaves a further 10% to be eliminated in the course of this year.

The road to the target is far from clear of obstacles. The very first year after the climate strategy was put in place, the VELUX Group experienced an actual increase in CO2 emissions.

“The reason is two-fold; partly because of the extremely cold winter of 2010, and partly because our investments had not yet begun to take effect. When it’s very cold, we use more energy to heat our factories and storage facilities, just as a family does at home. If you do that with traditional fuels like oil and gas, then CO2 emissions rise. But one of the corner-stones of our climate strategy is to make the transition from fossil fuels to bio fuels, so a harsh winter in the future will not have the same effect. This will enable us to eliminate one of the unknowns in any climate strategy – the weather – and we are confident we can reach our climate objectives,” says Group Director David P. Meyer.

He continues, “when you invest in new technology, you must expect some teething troubles before the effect is felt. What is crucial is that we must not waver; we must stick to our guns with the strategy we have chosen and follow it through. The investments we made in 2010 showed their full effect in 2011, when we saved more than 8,000 tons of CO2.” 

The largest share of these investments went to improving our energy efficiency and reducing emissions from 22 factories, which account for 90% of the Group’s emissions. CO2 re-ductions were achieved in part by replacing oil- and gas-fired boilers with chip- and pellet-fired boilers.
The VELUX Group has invested 11 million Euros in its efforts to reach the target of 20% CO2 reduction by 2012. A further 43 million Euros will be invested to reach the 2020 target of halving the Group’s CO2 emissions.
Read more in the VELUX Group’s CR rapport, Building a Model Company.
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