Reduction of drinking water contamination risks from atmospheric air

Most Danish water utilities use atmospheric air for oxidation and ventilation. This creates a need for security measures to prevent airborne pollutants from contaminating the water.

Our solution combines ventilation, pressure and activated carbon filters to reduce the risk of atmospheric pollution at water treatment plants.

How it works

In our solution, all components in contact with water are kept under constant pressure, regardless of water level in the clean water tanks. The pressurized water treatment system incorporates a ventilation system with activated carbon filters to act as a safety barrier against air contamination.

In order to minimize condensation and potential bacterial growth in the filters, the air is dried.

Demonstration facilities

The system has been thoroughly tested at our demonstration facility in Truelsbjerg, Aarhus, enabling us to deliver a ready-to-use concept that can be distributed to other water treatment plants.

Solution partners

This solution is part of the Future Water R&D initiative. The solution is developed by Aarhus Water in cooperation with Silhorko-Eurowater and Technical University of Denmark.

For more information, please visit or contact project director Henrik Juul (, +45 40 82 36 10)

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