Maximising the value of wastewater at existing treatment plant

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VCS Denmark is one of the largest water and wastewater utilities in Denmark – and a frontrunner in the water sector. We offer consultancy services and customized training programmes at both strategic and practical levels within water and wastewater management.

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The City of Odense is situated inland and the local wastewater utility, VCS Denmark, is operating under stringent requirements for nutrient reduction at its treatment facilities due to a sensitive recipient.

In spite of this, the utility’s largest wastewater treatment plant — with a capacity of 410,000 person equivalents (PE) — has achieved a degree of electricity self-sufficiency of more than 125% through optimisation of the plant’s existing infrastructure.

Continuous improvements across all parameters have been achieved through a holistic approach where any improvement counts and new ideas have been consistently pursued and tested. Further optimisation opportunities have been identified in cooperation with a number of consulting companies, which will enhance nutrient reuse and maximise biogas extraction for additional heat and electricity production even further.

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