Intelligent pipe rehabilitation planning

We are happy to introduce WaterRehab; a unique tool for making pipe rehabilitation planning smoother and much more efficient.

The pipeline network typically counts for up to 70% of the total volume of assets in water utilities. Therefore, even a small improvement of the rehabilitation strategy will result in huge savings in the distribution system.

How it works

WaterRehab is a GIS-based asset management tool. The program uses data available in existing systems and analyzes the need for pipeline rehabilitation based on technical, financial, strategic and socio-economic conditions – e.g. traffic disturbance and sensitive consumers. This reduces manual control procedures and ensures a high degree of transparency and objectivity when selecting pipes for renovation.

In short: WaterRehab provides a powerful cost-benefit tool for prioritizing rehabilitation efforts and offers decision-makers a strong basis for implementing asset management.

Areas of use

WaterRehab is currently optimized for water supply networks, but the concept is also being developed for use in wastewater utilities and district heating.

The software is being demonstrated in Odense and Aarhus utilities.

Solution partners

This solution is developed by Alectia in cooperation with Aarhus Vand and VCS Denmark


We are an active partner in 3VAND – a strategic collaborative partnership consisting of the leading water utilities in Denmark: HOFOR, BIOFOS, Aarhus Vand and VCS Denmark.

About author

VCS Denmark is one of the largest water and wastewater utilities in Denmark – and a frontrunner in the water sector. We offer consultancy services and customized training programmes at both strategic and practical levels within water and wastewater management.

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Thomas Abildgaard Jørgensen

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