Automated Smart grid for Water Utilities

Save money and reduce carbon emission by making your energy consumption flexible with the automated smart grid!

This tool will help you take advantage of variations in energy prices on the spot market and increase utilisation of renewable energy at the same time.

How it works

In many markets, electricity prices are flexible and vary over the day/year – either as a variable spot price or as a fixed night tariff. By utilising water reservoirs as “storage batteries”, electricity consumption can be moved to periods with the lowest tariff and greenest footprint. The software receives data from the SCADA system and delivers level set-points back for all reservoirs and water towers.

The model incorporates both financial, quality, operational and environmental considerations, thus providing a powerful tool for planning optimum energy consumption.

Areas of use

The software is developed for water utilities but can be easily adjusted to mechanisms of wastewater systems (within biogas generated electricity, pumping strategy potential in the sewage system, retention basins and district heating production).

Solution partners

This solution is part of the Future Water R&D initiative. The solution is developed by Sweco in cooperation with HOFOR, Aarhus Water and VCS Denmark.

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