How Denmark's third largest water utility reduced their NRW level to just 6 per cent:

In the city of Odense – hometown of world famous fairytale writer Hans Christian Andersen – the water utility VCS Denmark is responsible for supplying 158,000 customers with 9 million m3 water per year.

In 2015, an EU report benchmarked a number of European utilities based on their water loss (Non-Revenue Water). VCS Denmark was ranked as the best water utility with an Infrastructure Leakage Index (ILI) of merely 0.7. Real water loss in Odense stands at only 1.17 cubic meter/km/day, or 19 l/connection/day and the NRW level has been reduced to just 6%.

These impressive figures are the result of a dedicated effort over the past 20 years. Back in 1992, VCS Denmark established a thorough master plan for the distribution network, changing it from a ring-connected system to a branch network.The network was restructured into zones and district metered areas (DMAs) that are relatively small; 2,150 consumers on average.

All 63 DMAs are supervised by SCADA, which enables a reliable online monitoring of leakages. Leakage detection in the field is therefore only used to pinpoint leakages detected by the SCADA supervision.

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