Wastewater UV – chemical-free disinfection

ULTRAAQUA UV Product Portfolio for wastewater disinfection helps to preserve the environment and human health through the downstream water supply by eliminating dangerous bacteria and viruses from any human activity.  All units in SS (Stainless-steel L316) material. Equipped with the latest UV technology, ULTRAAQUA UV units deliver industry-leading disinfection and energy efficiency.

The UV units options consist of the following:

  • LUVT UV systems – designed superficially for application with low UVT (UV Transmission) 40 -70%. The minimum distance between lamps and reactor walls enables maximum exposure of pathogens and microorganisms. Option for LUVTSWIRL™ mechanism which prolongs UV contact time inside the closed vessel
  • Open channel UV units – can be easily integrated into chlorine contact tanks. Different installation options: vertical or inclined for up to 30% lower water levels
  • Closed vessel units – for applications requiring closed vessel unit application. Customizable flange diameters, vessel shape (L, U or Z), and control cabinet key features.
  • Medium-Pressure UV reactors for standard disinfection and AOP processes. Can be extended to accommodate flows of any size

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ULTRAAQUA is an international manufacturer of advanced UV water disinfection systems for a wide range of water treatment applications.

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