ULTRAAQUA UV Industrial wastewater case study in Thailand

Development projects in Hat Yai, Songkhla, Thailand

Hat Yai, a business hub of the metropolitan Songkhla Province in Thailand is undergoing governmental projects run by the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT) that focuses on developing parts of the area. This project is of crucial importance for the people residing there as it’s also a strategy to improve the living conditions due to past economic struggles and political instability. With continuously increasing population and water pollution that comes with it, all these improvements call for a certain level of responsibility during development.

Wastewater – Health and Environment

The development projects significantly increase water usage throughout households and companies. Wastewater is one of the leading causes of pollution worldwide. With 1.424 million inhabitants in Songkhla province if not treated accordingly – it can cause substantial damage to nature and eventually locals.
Therefore, the Songkhla government has expressed a high interest in implementing environmentally-friendly solutions throughout its development process. Instead of becoming an area of massive production and waste – the Songkhla region has a chance to develop in an environmentally aware and healthy way while laying foundations for future generations.

ULTRAAQUA UV Disinfection Systems

After a close investigation to find the most suitable solution for wastewater, ULTRAAQUA UV was chosen by the IEAT for the project due to the fact that above all else, it could offer its customers SECURITY and ENERGY EFFICIENCY. This is achieved through:

– Complete elimination of targeted bacteria and viruses
– Inclination option for 30% lower water levels
– ULTRATHERM™ market-leading lamp lifetime of 16 000h
– Effortless installation and maintenance
– Green technology – no dangerous by-products




Type:              Open Channel – Inclined
Systems:       2x MR10-220SS Channels and 2x MR8-220SS Channels
Total flow:     11 000 m3/day

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ULTRAAQUA is a recognized and well-established research-based manufacturer of high quality UV-disinfection systems for both municipal, wastewater and industrial water treatment applications.

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