Aquaculture Water UV – chemical-free disinfection

ULTRAAQUA UV Product Portfolio for Aquaculture delivers water biosecurity for various shrimp and fish species.  All units can be manufactured in PP (polypropylene) materials for anti-corrosion excellence in harsh saltwater or SS (Stainless-steel L316) for freshwater. All units are integrated for intake, process, and discharge water applications.

The product options consist of the following:

  • ACN ULTRABARRIER™ – advanced double sensor security closed vessel unit for intake water in the aquaculture sector. Ideal for hatcheries, ponds, and RAS.
  • Standard open channel UV units – for process water treatment in the most intensive RAS installations worldwide. Multiple installation options: wall-mounted, vertical, or inclined.
  • Standard closed vessel units – for various applications across any aquaculture farm where which requires closed vessel design.

Properly designed and sized UV systems will effectively ensure:

  • Protection against pathogenic microorganisms
  • Higher survival rate – Especially for hatchery
  • Increased growth rates and food conversion ratios due to reduced stress from all microorganisms
  • Increased stocking densities
  • Less medication, which saves money and improves the environment

ULTRAAQUA UV offers unmatched value for money and competitive prices via:

  • Stable production forecasts, better planning, and projection
  • Reduce financial and insurance costs
  • A unique organization with direct sales from the factory to your agent
  • A “keep it simple – make it work” design philosophy i.e. no unnecessary features or components

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ULTRAAQUA is a recognized and well-established research-based manufacturer of high quality UV-disinfection systems for both municipal, wastewater and industrial water treatment applications.

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Lina Ivanovaite

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