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A future city that works with natural processes.

Vinge is not only inspired by nature. It is a future city that works with natural processes and creates authentic and compelling types of nature within itself. Nature and city are usually made out to be an antithesis of one another, but in Vinge they are conceived as two sides of the same coin.

Vinge station and the surrounding station area are a unique development where nature and city come together to create the distinctive urban hybrid. By integrating the best from two worlds, we create the setting for an exciting everyday life full of experience in the city of Vinge.

City in nature
Building on the ideal of a city in nature, there were great potentials to be unlocked in the natural experiences that could be created adjacent to the new regional station. The city will evolve around a wild and generous great heart that promotes contrasting types of nature, while also seeking to develop specific biotopes that could be catalysts for the first development phases of Vinge.

Our vision was to create a train station in the city centre that was a seductive and topographically defined urban space that seamlessly handled traffic-related infrastructure, and the full range of accessibility requirements including pedestrian flow, public space, nature, movement and pauses.

By working with a unifying topography we were able to manage all the complexities of urban design in a single and undulating urban space – and thereby create a common ground and direction for all of Vinge.

The topography of the station is delimited by a circle, as the circular form is devoid of direction. The train station is emphasised as a new pivotal public space for the region, becoming a significant urban focal point for both transient commuters and the future of Vinge.

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