The future neighbourhood – Lynetteholm – will be a vital part of the climate- and flood protection of Copenhagen and create space for more than 35.000 new inhabitants as well as new infrastructure. The entire east coast of the upcoming 2,8 km2 island in the Copenhagen harbour will be laid out for a green coastal landscape of 78 ha with nature-based climate and flood protection.

Project information
Partner-in-charge: Ole Schrøder
Employees: Sofie Askholm, Kirstine Lorentsen, Karolina Mieszczanek, Nicolai Lindberg, Kristina Lina, Anders Juul Jensen and Agnieszka Filipowicz.
Client: By & Havn
Place: Copenhagen Harbour
Type: 4-year framework agreement
Role: Sub-consultant: Architecture and landscape
Team: COWI, THIRD NATURE and Arkitema
Status: Ongoing

A sustainable neighbourhood with great natural amenities
All inhabitants at Lynetteholm will be living nearby the coastline, where a nature-based climate- and flood protection, gives inhabitants and visitors recreative areas with great natural amenities. Lynetteholm will

be a sustainable neighbourhood with a mix of housing and commerce based on high standards for sustainable construction with a focus on cycling culture as well as collective transportation via a metro line connecting the area to the centre of Copenhagen.

The battle against climate change
Copenhagen’s historic expansions and fortifications have been marked by a need to protect oneself against the enemy – both on the land- and coast side. The concept of the enemy has changed, however, and today one of our main challenges is to protect Copenhagen against more frequent storm surges and rising water levels. The same location as where the Battle of Copenhagen took place in 1801 now needs a new fortification of Copenhagen, as a third city ring, protecting the

city against climate change. With the new island, we are establishing a climate- and flood protection and a dock-gate that can close the Northern harbour entrance. It is a complex task, but the establishment of a brand-new island at the entrance of the harbour also contains a great opportunity to develop Copenhagen with a more nature-based approach.

Large and robust coastal landscape for people and nature
Lynetteholm’s future inhabitants and users will get new natural amenities on a big scale. With the establishment of the Eastern edge as a nature based climate-protection of the city, we add a 78 hectares green coastal landscape pn the eastern part. The area is geared to handle both temporary, high water levels and permanent rises of the

sea levels. The continuous landscape belt is varying in width and – along with the ‘waving’ stretch of the coast and varying types of nature – it will provide the condition for a species-rich nature area. The area will bring a great nature experience with a specific local character – both above and below the water.


Example on a coastal landscape. The future forest areas respectively one year and 20 years after the planting of the area.

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