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House of Water is a visionary idea for a new water attraction potentially located in the Copenhagen harbor, helping to brand Denmark in relation to water. The House of Water combines typologies of Danish landscapes with Danish water technology. A series of exhibitions focusing not only on technology, but the importance that water plays in our lives, creates a learning landscape through sensory phenomena. The House of Water aspires to bridge the gap between understanding nature and the Danish solutions that can help to better manage our resources.

In 2050 the Earth’s population is expected to grow to over 9 billion people. This leads to additional resource requirements, among others, in relation to safe drinking water, food and waste. In this new paradigm, urban architecture mobilizes new types of communities in recreation and resource awareness. House of Water is a suggestion for a holistic building that connects the public with new solutions and basic knowledge of how everyday life is associated with global urbanization challenges.

Nature has always been a Danish prerequisite for the development of our knowledge and the creation of our technologies. We call it a learning landscape. A landscape where the world learns about what we are good at and where we can learn how to even better help other nations with their water challenges.

HOW is a Copenhagen demonstration landscape with a global scope, presenting the fundamental premise that water is essential for all life. 70% of the earth is covered by water, but only 2.5% of this amount is freshwater, and less than 1 % of this water is available for humans, animals, and plants. In the future, it will really be a battle for the one percent. Explosively growing populations, greater prosperity, and urbanization will cause the demand for clean water to increase dramatically even before the next ten years.

Water is essential for all life. Based on an interpretation of Danish landscapes, TREDJE NATUR creates an inviting waterscape. That we sense we remember. Therefore, the phenomena of nature and Danish geological history inspire the presentation of information and knowledge about water.

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