Skt. Kjelds Neighbourhood, Østerbro, Copenhagen, Denmark

The climate is changing. We can expect more and more short, but intense rain showers, just as Copenhagen has experienced the last years. In the neighbourhood of St. Kjelds, a comprehensive urban development project demonstrates how the city can be designed in a way that rainwater can be handled in the street in a natural and effective way to benefit both local residents and visitors. The project showcases new solutions for how we can both climate adapt and develop the city.

TREDJE NATUR’s masterplan for the Climate Neighbourhood was added to the prestigious Sustainia100 list with global solutions for ’tomorrow’s climate-friendly and sustainable communities’. The Climate Neighbourhood is recognized for its utilization of rainwater as a resource for recreational purposes, and for its ability to demonstrate the environmental, social and economic potential of climate adaptation.

In the plan we optimize the monofunctional streets in this 100 ha large existing neighborhood with simple methods. By means of optimization, it demonstrates how 20% of the streets can be used for green and blue spaces that generously transform the recreative potential of the city and ensure 30% of the rainfall in the area is treated through water sensitive urban design. This eases the pressure of the existing city sewers. Together with residents of the neighbourhood, THIRD NATURE worked towards the most innovative and effective solutions for the future of climate-adapted spaces and courtyards.

THIRD NATURE was strategic design advisor to the Copenhagen Municipality in the preparation of the  master plan for the area and for the public involvement.

Read more about the project here.

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We are a Copenhagen based office, consisting of architects, landscape architects and constructing architects. We have since 2012 developed groundbreaking climate adaptation projects, award winning sustainable urban masterplans and hybrid building typologies that solve more than just one thing. In every project we try to show and encourage the world with new positivistic approaches and ideas to deal with future urban challenges.

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