The climatic quarter in Copenhagen

Skt. Kjelds Neighbourhood, Østerbro, Copenhagen, Denmark

The climate is changing. We can look forward to more and more short, but intense rain showers, just as Copenhagen has experienced the last two summers. In the neighbourhood of St. Kjelds, a comprehensive urban development project demonstrates how the city can be designed in a way that rainwater can be handled in the street in a natural and effective way to benefit both local residents and visitors. The project showcases new solutions for how we can both climate adapt and develop the city.

TREDJE NATUR’s climate neighbourhood was added to the prestigious Sustainia100 list of 2013. The list attracted over 500 submissions from 79 countries, culminating in 100 global solutions for ’tomorrow’s climate-friendly and sustainable communities’. The climate neighbourhood is recognized for its utilization of rainwater as a resource for recreational purposes, and for its ability to demonstrate the environmental, social and economic potential of climate adaptation.

Sustania chose 100 solutions to be implemented in 2/3 of the world’s countries, including Kenya, Mexico and South Africa. Through their wide scope, they were able to shed light on the innovation arising from the traditional western sectors, as well as the less developed nations that are regularly overlooked.

Our vision was to convert 20% of the paved areas in the neighbourhood to green areas, and ensure 30% of the rainfall in the area is treated through water sensitive urban design, thus easing the pressure of the existing city sewers. Together with residents of the neighbourhood, we are working towards the most innovative and effective solutions for the future of climate-adapted spaces and courtyards.

TREDJE NATUR were strategic design advisors to the Copenhagen Municipality in the preparation of a master plan of the area, and for the user groups through the organization of public meetings. The project was completed in 2017.

Read more about the project here.

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