Climate change is pushing the boundaries in our cities.

The ClimateTile is a scalable climate adaptation tool which rethinks sidewalks as water management systems. The main component is essentially a hybrid between a concrete tile, an intelligent water pipe system and a permeable surface. The tile’s purpose is to positively answer the climate change challenges whilst creating new adventures and green, urban spaces in cities.

The Climate Tile can catch and redirect 30 percent of the extra rainwater projected to come due to climate change and thereby prevent overflows from the existing drainage infrastructure. In addition to this, it also brings other qualities into play as it allows for watering of trees and plants, spaces for stay and a more beautiful surface. The water contributes to the growth of an urban nature and an improved microclimate which benefits local citizens as it contributes to making the city both a healthier and more attractive place to live. The scaling potential of the product is comprehensive – for example New York City has 20,000 km of sidewalks.

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We are a Copenhagen based office, consisting of architects, landscape architects and constructing architects. We have since 2012 developed groundbreaking climate adaptation projects, award winning sustainable urban masterplans and hybrid building typologies that solve more than just one thing. In every project we try to show and encourage the world with new positivistic approaches and ideas to deal with future urban challenges.

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