Vinge Train Station – Urban Design of the Year

By TREDJE NATUR, October 21, 2015

Vinge Train Station has been awarded a prestigious LEAF Award in the category Urban Design of the Year 2015. The project is designed by Henning Larsen Architects and TREDJE NATUR. Vinge Train Station will be the first built project in the future Vinge City located in Frederikssund, north of Copenhagen.

Vinge Train Station, expected to be complete in 2017, is part of a large urban development plan to connect the future city to regional public transit. Covering 350 hectares, Vinge City is the largest urban project in Demark. In the middle of the new town plan, the circular station adapts organically to its surroundings and forms the point of departure of the new city development.

Vinge is not only inspired by nature. It is a future city that works with natural processes and creates authentic and compelling types of nature within itself. Nature and city are usually made out to be an antithesis of one another, but in Vinge they are conceived as two sides of the same coin. Vinge station and the surrounding station area are a unique development where nature and city come together to create the distinctive urban hybrid. By integrating the best from two worlds, we create the setting for an exciting everyday life in the city of Vinge. Our vision was to create a train station in the city centre, which is a seductive and topographically defined urban space that seamlessly handled traffic-related infrastructure, and the full range of accessibility requirements including pedestrian flow, public space, nature, movement and pauses.

The LEAF Awards are presented by the association of European architects, Leading European Architects Forum, which has recognised innovative architectural projects with awards since 2002. 

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