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We are a Danish consulting company located in the Northern part of Denmark. Our areas of expertise are in environmental engineering. Our work areas are wastewater treatment, sludge mineralization, handling solid waste, air purification (natural ventilation and indoor climate), ecological urbanization projects and education within the above subjects.

At TransForm, we are responding to the challenges the world is facing with wastewater treatment and disposal. Our natural and eco-friendly wastewater treatment technology solution is one of the most economical and efficient in the industry.

For more than 25 years, TransForm has developed 800 projects in the areas of water and sludge treatment worldwide.

We are in Europe, Africa, China, India, Arabian Gulf, Australia and South America working on several different projects within our areas of competences.
A number of companies and institutions are applying Jørgen Løgstrup and TransForm’s technical know-how to executive projects within environmental engineering.

The company consist of the old Danish Rootzone Technique established in 1984, and TransForm of 1994, which was established in 1995, both owned by agronomist Jørgen Løgstrup.

Jørgen Løgstrup also owns the company Bacess, a subsidiary company of TransForm.
While TransForm is developing, designing and supervising in natural systems for water, air and waste treatment and in urban ecology, Bacess is producing, marketing and selling patented air treatment systems. Patent EP 1356239BI is in Jørgen Løgstrup’s name. The patent is recognized and accepted in Europe, USA, Canada, China, South Korea, Japan and Australia.

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