Our unique pyrolysis technology, recycle old tires into highly valuable raw material.

Annually more than 13 million tons of tires a are being scrapped worldwide, of which 3.4 million tons in the EU alone. In many countries, including Denmark, most scrap tires are collected. But in many countries, they are not. Tires are known as problematic waste due to combustion that results in emission of toxic gases. In many countries scrap tires simply accumulate in nature.  The combustion of tires creates pollution and only a fraction of the energy that was used in the manufacture of the tire, is reutilised.

Syntes Engineering has developed the T2O (Tire-to-Oil) solution. A reactor based on pyrolysis technology where worn-out tires are converted into valuable commodities, such as oil, carbon and steel.

Our mission is to help businesses around the globe, reuse their disposed tires. It is a profitable business case as well as a win for the environment, as the products gained from the process have a high market value.

There is also a gain of energy as electricity and/or heat, which means that our solution offers 100 % recycling, without new waste or residues.

Currently we have pyrolysis plants in Spain and Finland in partnership with local engineers. We will soon be up and running with our most advanced plant until now, in Egebjerg, Denmark, with an even higher capacity and improved quality of end products. Our capacity now is 15 tons of various waste daily, and when the Egebjerg plant is constructed it will be able to handle 45 tons of tyres daily.

Business partners around the world have signed up for a solution, and we are working closely together with private and public cooperations, to customize the technology to the capacity and needs of the single user.

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