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Sustainable furniture and interior projects from maritime patinated harbour wood, reclaimed from decommissioned Danish harbours.

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The Uniq plank table is an representative of Thors Design, because of the fact that we make all of our designs by hand from the same raw material.

Thors Design has designed and produced sustainable furniture and interior projects since 2002 where Carsten Thor founded the company.

From decommissioned Danish harbour to sustainable design

It all started with a purchase of a few pillars from the decommissioned Korsør Harbour. Carsten Thor came up with the idea to make wooden tiles of it for a terrace in his private home.

When he did not succeed with the project, he began to develop more ideas for the material. In the following years, many different applications and products were tried and tested.

In 2005 the first plank table was made, and this is now one of Thors Design’s primary products.

Local production with a positive social impact

Thors Design buys the bulwark from the decommissioned Danish harbour at the demolition company or the municipality in which the harbour is placed.

Then the bulwark is transported to a saw mill at Møltrupgården in Timring near Herning, which is manned by men that for one reason or another, have run into problems. Here the wood is cutted and to smaller planks and are ready to be used for the next Thors Design.

Our workshop, just 500 meters from Møltrupgården and the Head office, collects the wood at Møltrupgården.

At the workshop all of our custom pieces are made by hand.

Our raw, untreated material

For decades, the rustic harbor wood remained strong and stable in the salty waters of Danish harbors. The exceptionally robust African Azobé wood has withstood the harsh battering from the many ships that docked and has been partially submerged in the cold sea. It is here that it has found its patina, and no two pieces are the same.

When making the Thors Designs by hand we don’t treat the wood with any chemicals. We make custom made pieces – from furniture to interior designs – and let the rustic details of the wood remain as historical memory.

Do to the wood’s impressive properties, pieces from Thors Design require very little maintenace and has a life expectancy of between 50 and 100 years, even outside.

Certification and test

The reclaimed wood has been tested by Techological Institute as containing only its own natural oils and is certified FSC Recycled 100% by FSC Denmark.


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