Danish Offshore Wind Companies Arrive in U.S. to Explore Partnerships

By The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, June 21, 2017

The week-long roadshow of the Trade Council of Denmark’s Offshore Wind Alliance began 19th June 2017. The four companies of the Alliance - Bladt Industries, ISC Consulting Engineers, LICengineering and Semco Maritime - are world leaders in the design and manufacture of substructures for offshore wind turbines and substations. In the next week, the Alliance will meet with potential partner companies in the Northeast and the Gulf Coast.

The Alliance members have unmatched experience in the European offshore wind market. They have delivered wind turbine foundations to more than 25 offshore wind farms, as well as offshore substations to more than 20 projects. These achievements, and more, enable the four companies to contribute diverse capabilities and know-how essential for building a localized supply chain. Partnerships based on this level of experience will be critical to ensuring rapid project execution at the lowest possible cost.

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The Alliance has chosen to start the roadshow in Boston because Massachusetts has shown itself to be a hub for the dynamic U.S. offshore wind industry. The Alliance will have discussions with the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, tour their New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal and meet with additional companies. After Massachusetts, the Alliance will have meetings in other emerging offshore wind centers such as Providence, Baltimore and Houston.

Ambassador Lars Gert Lose from the Embassy of Denmark in the U.S. commented:

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– We have spent 26 years developing the Danish offshore wind market. A few years ago we were focused on sharing Europe’s offshore wind success story with Americans. However this Alliance represents a new phase: we are moving from talking about potential opportunities to negotiating specific agreements. Through these agreements we intend to work with American companies to develop innovative concepts that will deliver low-cost solutions and which will materially contribute to a dynamic U.S. offshore wind supply chain.

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