Terranol has developed yeasts to be applied in 2nd generation bioethanol production.
    The manufacturing process for bioethanol involves pretreatment of biomass, enzymatic hydrolysis, fermentation, and distillation. Biomass contains 6-carbon sugars, primarily from cellulose, and 5-carbon sugars from the hemicellulose part of the plant material. After enzymatic hydrolysis yeasts ferment 6-carbon sugars to ethanol whereas 5-carbon sugars are not fermented to ethanol by any known natural microorganism in sufficiently high concentrations.

    By applying proprietary technologies, Terranol has developed industrial yeasts which, in addition to the 6-carbon sugars can ferment also the 5-carbon sugar xylose into ethanol with high yield and efficiency.

    The Terranol yeast strain has a favorable combination of efficient xylose fermentation and high robustness that enables the complete fermentation of available fermentable sugars in biomass hydrolysate in less than 48 hours. The latest demonstration project together with Ørsted resulted in production of wheat straw based bioethanol in industrial scale (270.000L) in Kalundborg with complete conversion of the sugars within 48 hours.

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