Liquid damage repair

We bring liquid damaged smartphones and laptops back to life and reduce CO2 emissions related to producing new devices. What was previously discarded can now be saved and used again.

4.7 million ton e-scrap related to Small IT and telecommunication equipment was generated in 2019. An increase of +2 percent from 2018*. At Techsave we have set a goal to help decrease this huge amount of scrap by saving liquid damaged laptops and smartphones. Until the Techsave technology was created it was not possible to clean and save these devices in a fully-automatic machine.

In a three hour cycle the Techsave machine stops and removes corrosion from the damaged devices. With a success rate at +80 % we are saving large amounts of devices, which would otherwise have been discarded. With Techsave what was previously a manually process with a low success rate has now been made easy available.

For each device we save, we save CO2 emissions from producing a new product and we reduce the amount of e-scrap.

We are making it possible for more devices to enter into the circular economy as more parts can be reused after a liquid damage clean.

We reduce, reuse and recycle liquid damage devices.




*source: p24 The Global E-waste Monitor 2020

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We bring liquid damaged technology back to life.

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