Renewable Energy Policy Planning and Integration

REPLI provides research-based advisory services related to renewable energy integration

REPLI provides research-based advisory services related to renewable energy integration, following a cross-disciplinary technology-based approach and covering the value chain from energy-resource mapping, through conversion technologies and systems integration, to policy and implementation tools. REPLI is composed of experts from different subject areas related to the topic.

360 degree advisory services

In addition to its technical expertise REPLI is experienced in providing advice on energy policy. Often the advice is combined with training and capacity building for local national implementing bodies. Certain services are delivered through collaboration with private actors, e.g. DTU being a subcontractor on a technology component.

Denmark and renewable energy integration

Denmark is a world leader and an exemplary case with regard to the integration of renewable energy systems. Today, more than 40 % of Denmark’s electricity supply comes from wind power and the plan is to reach 50 per cent by 2020.

The Danish government has set a target for the country to be independent from fossil fuels by the year 2050. This ambitious goal calls for visionary and sustainable use of energy resources through the entire value chain, and fosters a stimulating environment for investment, research and industrial collaboration.

DTU experts play significant roles in internationally renowned Danish showcases and export successes within renewable energy integration.

Advisory services is one of the university’s research-based core activities on equal terms with education and innovation. Around one-fifth of DTU’s 5,800 employees work with research-based advisory services in the fields of climate and energy, space, transport and life sciences.


REPLI assists decision makers in developing a sustainable climate and energy policy. Our economists and other social science researchers work closely with engineers and natural scientists and we engage in participative processes with relevant stakeholders and end-users.


REPLI has the requisite resources to assist you with integration of variable renewables in the power system. We can help you integrate and coordinate the different energy infrastructures — customized to every specific energy mix and on scales from local to regional.


With the Paris Agreement into force, the transformation of the global energy systems towards variable renewable energy has made a great leap forward. REPLI assists governments, development banks, and international organisations with implementation of variable renewable energy from local to global scale.

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