Experimental platform for electric power and energy

PowerLabDK gives you access to a unique experimental platform with state-of-the-art laboratory facilities for technology development, testing, training and demonstration of technologies within electric power and energy.

Full-scale and real-life experiments
The facilities range from flexible fundamental research and test laboratories to large-scale experimental facilities and a complete full-scale power distribution system, which will be a data source and platform for full-scale and real-life experiments. The facilities are linked together with communication systems, SCADA-solutions etc. across four locations. A variety of international standards are met, including IEC, CENELEC, IEEE and others.

Smart Energy: PowerLabDK specializes in the intelligent integration and interaction of renewable energy technologies. Our competent specialists are able to assist you analyzing testing and demonstrating smart grid /smart energy systems, monitoring and control solutions, integration of wind and solar power, demand response technologies and electrical vehicle integration.

Realistic simulation and safe testing: By using powerful computers, real time digital simulators, a strong power amplifier and interconnected electrical power components, we can simulate realistic present or future power network conditions. PowerLabDK can offer you to have your products and systems tested under realistic conditions, but within a safe laboratory environment.

Specialized test support: The specialized PowerLabDK facilities are able to assist you analyzing and testing critical parameters on single electrical components or component in complex interactions.

Cooperation and support: PowerLabDK is happy to cooperate with industrial product developers, power utilities, system operators as well as other test laboratories and research institutions and is offering laboratory support in all stages of the development process.

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