Wind Power

Sweco in Denmark has been involved in Wind Farming for 15 years and is one of the leading consultancy companies in the field.

Denmark is the world leader in wind power turbine technology and has been one of the driving forces in developing the wind power industry – from single wind turbine at land to large scale wind farms at sea. Sweco has participated in this development.

Consequently, we draw upon the vast experience gathered in Denmark and provide value to all phases of a project – from initial analyses, planning and investigations to implementation and operation.

We are very much aware that large projects call for integrated solutions. Therefore, we strive to ensure solutions that account for society’s requirements regarding supply reliability, economy, environment and sustainability.

Although wind power projects are growing in size and require solutions of increasing complexity, we never loose sight of the vital elements which we believe are the core of any project:

  • Management of quality, time and economy
  • Project sustainability with respect to society, environment and economy

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