SHARON, Nitrogen Removal from Wastewater

SHARON is a robust and cost effective system for the removal of nitrogen from wastewater. The process is used for treatment of high strength ammonia liquors such as sludge dewatering liquors and the liquid fraction of pig manure.

SHARON has been successfully applied at several wastewater treatment plants in the Netherlands, the United States, United Kingdom and Sweden. The SHARON technology received the IWA Regional Project Innovation Award 2008.

The technology is a joint development of Sweco and Delft University of Technology. This co-operation affirms the strategy of Sweco to ensure continuation of new developments along with universities and research institutions and simultaneously to ensure to market these innovations in a fast and eff ective manner.

Together with our clients, we apply this sustainable technology, tailor-made. The SHARON technology treats wastewater in a stable and reliable way and the process saves cost, space, energy and thus the environment.

Technical Specifications
Contrary to conventional nitrification/denitrification systems, nitrite, and not nitrate, is the final product of nitrification in a SHARON system. This results in significant savings. As the SHARON process has no sludge retention, the process is extremely stable and requires minimal operator attention.

When compared to traditional nitrification/denitrification the savings are:

  • 25 % on energy, due to lower oxygen demand;
  • 40 % on carbon source for denitrification;
  • 30 % on sludge production.

More than a decade of full scale operational experience is available, with plants in operation in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Sweden and New York (USA). SHARON plants are in preparation for Geneva (Switzerland) and Paris (France).

Below some of the plants:

Country                    Location            Commissioned      Design load (kg N/d)

Netherlands             Houtrust                      2005                              1,300

Garmerwolde                2005                               2,500

Switzerland               Geneva                       2008                               2,100

U.S.A.                        New York                     2009                               5,800

United Kingdom    Manchester                  2009                               1,600

Norwich                      2010                                1,500

Sweden                    Linköping                    2010                                  500



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