Landscape Architecture, Nature & Health

Sweco in Denmark provides consultancy within the field of landscape architecture and health design. The primary goal is to ensure higher quality in outdoor areas in cities, around hospitals, nursery homes, schools, etc. that support physical, social and mental health issues.

An increasing tendency of densification of cities causes great challenges in the way we think and plan our cities. People need natural surroundings when general health issues should be optimal. People need green surroundings which can create room for outdoor physical or social activities. And which can create room for mental restoration when in need of a break from the constant city pulse. Furthermore, green surroundings can also contribute to health promotion around hospitals, nursery homes, hospice, etc.

Sweco can support the process of project development with knowledge of how to incorporate special design issues to ensure health qualities in outdoor environments.

Sweco can assist with:

  • Understanding the landscape architectural challenges in a specific project
  • Understanding the specific user group
  • Securing optimal health-oriented design for a specific user group
  • Combining climate adaption projects and health design


Primary contact
Dorthe Rømø

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