District Heating

District Heating – part of the solution to the climate change challenges and reducing dependency on imported fuels.

District heating has been used in Denmark since its beginning in 1903. District heating systems as a modern concept were designed and introduced in the 1980ies. Today district heating covers about 60% of the heat demand in Denmark through more than 400 district heating companies all over the country.

The district heating concept binds together available heat sources in society which otherwise would be wasted and utilise the heat where needed, either for heating or to produce cooling. The heat sources are typically heat from waste incineration, waste heat from the power production, industrial waste heat and from biofuel boilers. Traditional boilers fuelled by oil, coal and natural gas, form peak and reserve load heat supply.

The technical development and the increase of market shares are still ongoing. Solar and geothermic heats are sources added to the systems and the market has developed through conversion of the natural gas market into district heating supply to customers.

Sweco in Denmark has been part of the development of modern district heating in Denmark and internationally with consultancy services.

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