DEMON, Sustainable Nitrogen Removal from Wastewater

The DEamMONification process for nitrogen removal is an energy-saving technology for ammonia removal from high strength wastewater. The process was developed at the University of Innsbruck, Austria.

The DEMON process is a nitrification/deammonification process in which ammonia and nitrite are simultaneously converted to nitrogen gas, without the use of organic carbon.

Additional information
Process control is based on minute variations in pH, resulting in a very simple and stable process operation. This results in significant savings when compared to conventional nitrification-denitrification processes:

  • 50 % on energy for nitrification, since only half of the influent ammonia load needs to be nitrified;
  • 100 % on carbon source, since ammonia is used as electron donor.

The DEMON process has been installed at more than 20 full scale installations in Europe. The DEMON system at Apeldoorn WWTP, the Netherlands, has an ammonia removal capacity of 1500 kg/day.


Primary contact
Thomas Fleurine Sørensen

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