Climate Strategy Guide for Companies

Sweco in Denmark and the Danish WWF have developed a climate strategy guide based on their vast experience in this field. The guide is to be used by companies as a tool for understanding the climate change debate and serve as a starting point for reducing the companies CO2 emissions.

By following the recommendations of this guide, companies are ensured a credible account of their CO2 emissions. The guide can help companies to identify potentials for reductions of green house gas emissions at many different levels within the company. The guide aims to give companies a perspective of their emission reduction targets to the standards and recommendations set by the EU and the IPCC.

Examples of recommendations are:

  • Companies should calculate their emission of green house gases and make a climate strategy to generate an overview of potential focus areas for reductions
  • Companies should use the international recognised method for calculating emissions – the Green-house Gas Protocol
  • Companies should set more ambitious targets for reductions that current political targets and preferably aim towards becoming totally climate neutral
  • Companies should verify yearly emission calculations through use of a third party.

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