How to handle Climate Change

Sweco in Denmark provides consultancy within a range of climate projects comprising general incorporation of a climate profile. Furthermore, Sweco can support in the establishment of a climate strategy, implying emission reduction and climate change adaption.

In the EU as well as internationally, the focus on a reduction in the emission of CO2 and greenhouse gases is strengthened in order to abate climate-change vulnerability. Sweco can assist in:

  • Understanding of the EU directives on CO2 and greenhouse-gas-emission
  • Implementation of reduction of emissions
  • Understanding of and guidance in the market in emissions trading
  • Secure the optimal application of the possibilities

Sweco can provide consultancy with respect to climate adaptation in vulnerable areas. Sweco can prepare climate adaptation plans and, among other things:

  • Assist in mapping out risk areas
  • Determine the scope of synergy potential
  • Establish wetlands

As a leader within the field of water Sweco can also provide consultancy in connection with your climate adaptation as regards water. This could, for instance, be by combining your climate-adaptation plan with integrated model estimates for streams or other water systems. We can assist with bold solutions that will bring you abreast of legislative developments, implement flooding directives and prevent unsuccessful investment.

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