Climate Change Adaptation in the Village of Tranegilde

The village of Tranegilde in Ishøj is very exposed when torrential rain hits the area. Ishøj is situated on an old sea floor and between two rivers, so the increased precipitation has obvious consequences. Therefore, Sweco in Denmark and the utility company, Ishøj Forsyning, prepared a catalogue including a conceptual design to climate-proof the village as part of the overall climate adaptation plan of Ishøj Forsyning.

We launced a creative idea development process, because it was of utmost importance to Ishøj Forsyning not just to see the stormwater management as a purely technical challenge. Instead, we looked at how Ishøj could become an even better area by using the rainwater.

Wide professional competences caused good results

New possibilities come up when focusing on rainwater as a ressource – sustainability is in focus.

Early in the process, Ishøj Forsyning chose to involve a broad group of stakeholders from the municipality and the utility company in a workshop facilitated by Sweco. The purpose was firstly to brainstorm ideas, secondly to identify technical barriers for different proposals before preparing a pilot project.

Around the table there was knowledge of nature, environment, roads, streams, landscape architecture, hydraulics and wastewater. Many ideas were brought up and the workshop with the broad competences gave good results. Based on the ideas from the workshop several possible solutions were designed for the benefit of wildlife, people and nature.

A playground for animals and people

The result of our work was a climate change adaptation strategy for Ishøj Forsyning including an impact analysis and a prioritized action plan.

One of the actions was to connect the village and a nearby wildlife park by making the rainwater visible in open canals/streams and lakes. It is a beautiful area with particular rabbits, horses and cattle to the delight of school groups and citizens in general. There were plenty of opportunities to let the water play a greater role by integrating it into the landscape for the benefit of animals and people.

Ishøj Forsyning is the utility company of the Municipality of Ishøj that delivers water, sewage and drainage to the citizens of Ishøj.

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