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By The Ministry of Environment and Food, October 19, 2016

The company Stjernholm has invented a cheap way to measure the oxygenation of the water, and how much nitrous oxide is emitted from biological treatment plants. The invention may eventually help limit the potent greenhouse gas


The company Stjernholm in Ringkoebing makes equipment for treatment plants such as grates, sieves and sandwasher. With support from the Danish Environmental Development and Demonstration Programme (MUDP) Stjernholm has developed a method to measure the oxygenation of the water and nitrous oxide in biological treatment plants.

When you clean wastewater for nitrogen there may occur nitrous oxide in the cleaning process, a potent greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming. Therefore, the emission must be limited. The Danish Minister of Environment and Food, Esben Lunde Larsen is visiting Stjernholm Monday 3 October.

Stjernholm is an excellent example of a company that we are fortunate to have many of in Denmark. Small and medium-sized enterprises that invest in green technology, helping to create green growth and find new smart and often cheaper solutions which we need. It is often the largest companies that attract most attention, but without the small wheels the green development will not be running. I am therefore pleased that we with the MUDP program can strengthen the smaller companies“, says the Minister of Environment and Food, Esben Lunde Larsen.

Stjernholms product, called OXxOFF, has for the first time linked several methods together, and can be used for control and management. The solution is cheap compared to similar methods. The sensor can help to clarify where in the biological treatment plant nitrous oxide is formed when the largest discharge occurs, and if the water oxygenation in the system is working properly. This way, the invention can determine where to focus to reduce nitrous oxide emissions.

The project is coupled with similar technology from Unisense Environment, and it means that we have now developed a measuring unit that is not found elsewhere in the world. Now the invention must come out and be used, to get a understanding of how much nitrous oxide there are emitted in wastewater treatment plants. The project is one of several MUDP projects that Stjernholm has participated in with good experience. They give the company the opportunity to be part of a team where they can use each other’s know-how“, says owner and chairman of Stjernholm, Kaj Stjernholm.

As with all MUDP-funded projects, the company has paid at least half of the project costs. Stjernholm has received 676,000 DKK in subsidies in 2014. The Minister of Environment and Food visited Stjernholms headquarters with Chairman of MUDP, Pernille Blach Hansen and Director of the Danish Environmental Engineering, Jørn Jespersen on the 3rd of October.

Source:  Press release from the Danish Ministry of Environment and Food.

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