Video: Liveable Cities – A Danish Approach

By Dan Howis Lauritsen, October 16, 2014

Cities live when people live. And our growing cities can be a key driver for green growth. By investing in integrated solutions and cross-sectoral long-term planning, we can create liveable cities for people and demonstrate how global challenges can be turned into attractive opportunities.


We have chosen to call it “Liveable Cities”, and it showcases examples from Copenhagen’s integrated solutions across energy, transportation, water and climate adaption, merging the technical properties of the solution with increased social benefits for the citizens. In short, we want to illustrate how cities live when people live.

The video showcases:
The Bicycle Snake (Sustainable Transportation), The Harbour Bath (Urban Water Management), The Østergro project (Rooftop Farming) and Israels Plads (Climate Adaptation).  

The video may be used, free of charge, to promote Denmark as a green nation under credit to State of Green. 
If you wish to download a specific video in high resolution, please contact Majken Kalhave,

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