USA & Denmark: potential collaboration on offshore wind

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By State of Green, January 16, 2018

In a sign that the US may be reassessing its hard-line climate stance, President Trump’s chief energy adviser Vincent DeVito met with the Danish Minister for Energy, Utilities and Climate, Lars Christian Lilleholt, on Tuesday in Copenhagen to discuss offshore wind power and hear how Denmark is working towards transforming its society to a low-carbon, resource efficient one.

President Trump made global headlines when he announced America’s intentions to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement last June. However, recent events suggest a potential thawing of this approach. President Trump has spoken recently about investments in the environment and energy, as well as reconsiderations of whether the US should remain committed to the Paris agreement. Further evidence of a potential shift in policy was provided when President Trump’s chief energy adviser, Vincent DeVito, visited Denmark for two days this week. The purpose of the visit was to discuss offshore wind turbines in more detail and the potential gains to be made from investing in green energy.

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As part of the visit, Lars Christian Lilleholt, the Danish Minister for Energy, Utilities & Climate, met with Mr DeVito to discuss the potential for strengthening Danish-American collaboration on offshore wind energy in the US. Strengthened collaboration within this area can pave the way for additional investments in the US as well as increased bilateral trade and additional jobs on both sides of the Atlantic. The American Energy Ministry has indicated that multibillion dollar investments in offshore wind are in the pipeline towards 2050, which represent significant potential for Danish energy companies operating in the US.

Commenting on the visit, Minister Lilleholt stated: – I am very pleased to be able to welcome Vincent DeVito to Denmark. DeVito is a key figure in the Trump administration when it comes to energy-related matters. Denmark has a very good working relationship with DeVito’s ministry and with Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, who is responsible for offshore wind areas. I’m pleased this relationship is continuing, as there exists tremendous potential in offshore wind for both Danmark and the US, which we are working hard to make reality.

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The US Secretary for the Interior, Ryan Zinke, has previously expressed considerable interest in expanding the collaboration between Denmark and the US to include onshore wind turbines. The Secretary’s expression of interest followed the visit of Minister Lilleholt to the US in October 2017.

After his meeting with Mr DeVito, Minister Lilleholt tweeted: We’re ready to strengthen the Danish-American collaboration on offshore wind. Investments in renewable energy are the way forward, benefitting the climate, economic growth and jobs.

During the course of his visit, Mr DeVito is meeting with a number of staff from the Danish Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate to learn more about how Denmark regulates its energy market. In addition he is travelling to the Danish island of Fyn and the Jutlandic peninsula to see how wind turbines are produced and erected before he travels home on Thursday.

Source: Danish Ministry of Energy, Climate and Utilities


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