Top 5 State of Green news articles during the first half of 2020

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By State of Green, July 01, 2020

The following five news articles were the most read at during the first six months of 2020. This is your chance to catch up on news items you may have missed that were popular with our readers.

Developers of “entertainment capital” seek green inspiration in Denmark

On 26-28 February, 2020 a Saudi Arabian delegation visited Denmark with the purpose to gather inspiration for the realisation of “Qiddiya”, an entertainment, sports and arts destination that will be built outside the capital Riyadh. The tourism mega project will be run as much as possible on renewable energy and is a part of Saudi Arabia’s plan to diversify their income sources. Read the news article here.

New EU rules aim to ensure better drinking water and less waste

New EU directive map out how drinking water quality and supply can improve across the EU. Denmark has helped to focus on water waste in the revised EU directive aimed at ensuring consumers healthy and clean drinking water. The agreement on a revised drinking water directive adopted by the EU’s environment ministers stipulates a limit to concentrations of chemicals emitted from taps and pipes that have contact with drinking water. Read the news article here.

Green energy islands, renovated buildings and climate-neutral waste: Danish government has a new climate action plan

Six main tracks will lead to a Denmark with substantially lower CO2 emissions, promises Danish government with a new climate action plan. Among the tracks is the creation of the first ‘energy islands’ in the world. The government estimates that the climate action plan can reduce CO2 by two million tonnes. However, in order to reach the ambition of a 70 per cent reduction of CO2 by 2030, a total reduction of just below 19 million tonnes is needed. Read the news article here.

Coal-free trend: European countries are increasingly quitting coal for good

Sweden, Belgium and Austria are the first coal-free European countries. By 2030, fifteen European countries are expected to be coal-free. Copenhagen is on the growing list of coal-free capitals. The trend of moving away from coal-fired energy production is increasingly evident in Europe. Read the news article here.

Three ways to huge CO2 reductions in Denmark

Utilising linkages between sectors to best use renewable energy has a huge potential in the reduction of CO2 emissions. Digitised and energy efficient consumption, electrification and a comprehensive renewable energy system are all variables in the quest for huge CO2 reductions. The demand for smart solutions to streamline energy consumption is growing ever larger. More and more companies are turning away from investing and using fossil fuels and looking towards green sources of energy. Read the news article here.

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