Top 5 Most Read News Stories on State of Green in September

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By State of Green, October 02, 2017

As something new, State of Green will bring you an overview of the most-read stories each month. This way, you have the chance to catch up on news items you may have missed that were popular with our readers. The news items are listed in descending order, where the article that garnered the most amount of views appears first.

New Tool to Share Danish District Heating Knowledge 

More than two-thirds of heating demand in Denmark is met by district energy. The use of district energy is an inexpensive, energy efficient means with which to provide heating for buildings and a key factor in Denmark reducing its CO2 emissions. With the help of a new tool created by the Danish Energy Agency, you can now learn more about what lessons your country can learn from the Danish adventure in district heating and assess whether it makes economic sense to switch to this fuel source. Read on to learn more…

Sun and Wind Alone Provide Enough Power for the Danish Electricity System During the Summer Months

The news that the Danish grid was powered solely by wind, solar and overseas connections in June was understandably popular. Read on to find out how Denmark managed to do so and whether this significant result was a one-off, or will be sustained going forward…

 Danish Dairy Giant Arla Commences Construction of the Country’s Largest Biogas Plant

The Danish-grown global dairy cooperative Arla has an ambitious target of sourcing 50% of the energy used in its production from renewables. As a plank in this strategy, they are building what will be Denmark’s largest biogas plant. Read on to find out how much CO2 the biogas plant, once in operation, will save and when the plant is expected to be up and running.

P4G Initiative Launches to Accelerate Sustainable Growth Through Innovative Partnerships

Led by the governments of Chile, Denmark, Ethiopia, Kenya, Korea, Mexico, and Vietnam, P4G is an exciting new initiative that was launched at the UN Headquarters during Climate Week in New York. Partnering with businesses and non-governmental organisations, P4G aims to spur innovative public-private partnerships that can devise solutions to the Sustainable Development Goals. Read on to find out more about why P4G is so unique and how it will operate in practice…

Multimillion Euro sum Given To Build Giant Solar Park in Nees

Denmark, with its mild summers and long winters, may not seem like the most obvious choice when deciding where to build a large-scale solar park. However, the news that the construction of a solar park that will, when finished, produce enough electricity for 11,000 Danish households, may challenge this view somewhat. Read on to learn more about the project and why Denmark, with its moderate temperatures, is actually an ideal location for solar parks…



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