Top 10 green Danish company news of 2020

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By State of Green, January 08, 2021

The following 10 news articles published by some of our many partners were the most read at through 2020. This is your chance to catch up on news items you may have missed that were popular with our readers.

1 Xiamen footpath system rises in South China

Just 18 months after Dissing+Weitling won a competition to design a 23-kilometre-long footpath system, including seven bridges, in the Chinese city of Xiamen, the project is already under construction. The architectural company brought this news article in the start of the year and it is just another great example on how Danish expertise within urban development has reached far out in the world.


2 Danish company will remove smog in New Delhi

According to WHO, New Delhi has air pollution levels at 20 times the recommended maximum. In India, air pollution contributed to 1.24 million deaths in 2017 alone, according to a study in The Lancet. Danish Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian Contractors (BWSC) will help India convert rice straw into fuel instead of burning it and creating smog. Thereby benefitting the environment and the plus 40 million citizens in New Delhi.


3 Aarhus University to demonstrate technology that can store green energy in giant underground ‘water balloons’

Aarhus University received a generous grant from the Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Programme, EUDP, under Danish Energy Agency, to demonstrate new technology that stores green surplus energy in colossal 330×330 metres underground ‘water balloons’. The technology uses surplus energy to pump water from a reservoir into a giant specially designed membrane buried under massive amounts of soil.


4 Danfoss Heating President Lars Tveen joins P4G Board

In April 2020, P4G expanded its Board of Directors to include more private sector representation and inspiration for green growth. Aiming for climate neutrality within ten years, Danfoss is used to linking climate ambitions and growth. Board members’ leadership, expert inputs, vision and networks can help accelerate the progress of P4G partnerships.


5 Scandlines hybrid ferry Copenhagen soon with rotor sail

Scandlines is a frontrunner in green ferry operation and continues the journey towards zero emission. In 2020, Scandlines turned down the diesel motors once again and reduced CO2 emission even more. Next step on Scandlines’ journey towards zero emission is installing a rotor sail, which uses the wind to propel the ship.


6 Danish partnerships strengthen global climate efforts with emergency relief biscuits, secure water supply and sustainable fashion

Protein-rich biscuits used in emergency relief and clean drinking water in desert areas of Kenya. These are among the innovative solutions from partnerships supported by P4G, which last year supported 19 new partnerships, five of them with Danish participation.


7 Northern Europe’s largest solar plant is being built without subsidies

Better Energy developed, built, and now operates Northern Europe’s largest solar plant with a capacity of over 200 MW with a total electricity production corresponding to the energy consumption of approximately 127,000 Danes.


8 DLF Fiber Energy – when sustainable farming generates a higher profit

DLF is part of the global vision of a sustainable future as summarised in the UN Global Goals. It is a focal point in our strategic vision to provide farmers worldwide with sustainable agricultural solutions. DLF FIBER ENERGY is one of many sustainable products that increase agricultural productivity and goes hand in hand with a climate neutral future.


9 The VELUX Group commits to capture its historical carbon footprint and become Lifetime Carbon Neutral in partnership with WWF

In September, the VELUX Group committed to reduce its future carbon emissions and capture its historical carbon footprint since it was founded in 1941 – totalling 5.6 million tonnes of CO2. This will be achieved in collaboration with WWF and through forest projects that will tackle climate change and halt habitat loss, preserving biodiversity and improving local livelihoods.


10 New report shows enormous potential for hydrogen and PtX-solutions

The report was written by Hydrogen Denmark in an effort to show all Danish and international stakeholders, how both hydrogen and PtX-technologies hold immense potential for the future. Both in terms of boosting the green transition and to obtain the goal of a 70 per cent reduction of greenhouse gasses in 2030, but also as a means to increase export of innovational Danish technological solutions in the field of hydrogen and PtX, as well as to create new, green jobs in the process.

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