Top 10 green news stories of 2020

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By State of Green, January 06, 2021

Here are the 10 State of Green news articles that were read more than any others of our 100+ news stories published in 2020. One thing is clear: Stories about Danish ‘green islands’ are vastly popular among our readers!

1 Green tax part of new climate action plan agreed upon by large majority of Danish parliament

In June, the Danish parliament agreed upon a revised climate action plan that will increase CO2 reductions by 1.4 million tonnes. Some of the initiatives in the agreement included the establishment of the world’s first energy islands, investments in Power-to-X and green restructuring of the industry.

2 New EU rules aim to ensure better drinking water and less waste

In the beginning of the year, a new EU directive mapped out how drinking water quality and supply could improve across the EU. Denmark helped focus on water waste in the revised EU directive aimed at ensuring consumers healthy and clean drinking water.

3 Developers of “entertainment capital” seek green inspiration in Denmark  

On 26-28 February, a Saudi Arabian delegation visited Denmark with the purpose of gathering inspiration for the realisation of “Qiddiya”, an entertainment, sports and arts destination that will be built outside the capital Riyadh.

4 Coal-free trend: European countries are increasingly quitting coal for good

In 2020, many countries took big steps to reduce emissions. Sweden, Belgium and Austria were the first European countries to become coal free. Copenhagen joined the club of coal-free capitals in March 2020, and coal will be phased out from all Danish electricity and heat production by 2028.

5 Three ways to huge CO2 reductions in Denmark

In February, the Confederation of Danish Industry published a report, which showed how utilising linkages between sectors to best use renewable energy has a huge potential in the reduction of CO2 emissions. Digitised and energy efficient consumption, electrification and a comprehensive renewable energy system are all variables in the quest for huge CO2 reductions.

6 New green record for Danish electricity: lowest CO2 emissions ever

2020 was truly an electric year for Denmark. Denmark reduced the amount of CO2 pr. KWH to the lowest ever and a new report from the International Energy Agency highlighted Denmark as having the world’s lowest cost of electricity from wind energy.

7 Ground-breaking technology uses CO2 to convert seawater into drinking water

A chemist employed at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark invented a cutting-edge green technology that uses CO2 to convert seawater into drinking water — within minutes. The desalination technology could replace electricity with CO2 and use it in survival gear and large-scale industrial plants in areas where people lack clean drinking water.

8 Clean air and intelligent waste bins: Denmark is booming with smart city solutions

Data-optimised traffic lights, sensors on public waste bins, district heating and electric ferries. These were among some of the solutions to enhance cities’ liveability and sustainability, which were highlighted in State of Green’s updated smart city white paper published in 2020.

9 Europe’s most sustainable islands are Danish

The Danish islands of Bornholm and Samsø secured top spots in an EU-wide sustainability competition in 2020. Their success was based on engaging all sectors of society in delivering a sustainable future and putting the community at the centre of the development.

10 Green energy islands, renovated buildings and climate-neutral waste: Danish government has a new climate action plan  

Yet another ‘green island story’ caught the headlines at last year. The Danish government presented six main tracks in the mission to substantially lower Denmark’s CO2 emissions by 2030. Among the tracks was the creation of the first ‘energy islands’ in the world. The islands are planned to be established by 2030.

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