The Little Mermaid has a new competitor: Tourists choose Denmark for its green image

By State of Green, November 01, 2019

The number of tourists coming to Denmark has risen significantly in the past decade. The reason for choosing Denmark as a holiday destination is increasingly due to the country’s image as a green nation.

In the past ten years, tourism in Denmark has boomed from 45 million overnight stays in 2008 to 54 million in 2018. Estimates from the national tourist organisation, VisitDenmark, show that tourism is expected to increase even more in the coming years.

Today, tourists are increasingly looking to Denmark because of its green image, according to a new study by VisitDenmark. The study highlights that particularly tourists from Germany, Sweden, Norway, Britain and the Netherlands are including sustainability and green solutions as a parameter for their choice of holiday destination.

“Tourism generates revenue and jobs throughout the country, and tourists help create a demand that will also benefit the locals. For example in the form of cultural experiences, better access to nature and good dining locations. In this way, tourism helps to create a Denmark where it is good to live. At the same time, tourism can and must also contribute to ensuring a greener Denmark,” said Danish Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs, Simon Kollerup in a press release (in Danish).

The study from VisitDenmark shows that between 20 and 40 per cent of the foreign tourists surveyed expect that environmentally friendly and sustainable considerations will have an impact on their future travel choices. At the top of the scale are Swedes and Germans where almost 4 out of 10 say that environmental concerns will most likely play a significant role.

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Denmark’s image as a green nation is good for business

Additionally, the study shows that a strong focus on sustainability and green actions in Denmark have resonated with tourists, who see Denmark as a green nation. This image not only helps create jobs in the green sector, but it also benefits the Danish companies’ competitiveness, underlines the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI):

“Denmark is known for green solutions and the new analysis shows that tourists to a large extent associate Denmark with being a sustainable destination. We must take advantage of that position,” said Tine Roed, Deputy Director General at the Confederation of Danish Industry in a press release, and continued:

“A strong focus on ensuring an efficient use of resources not only benefits tourists and citizens but can also be seen on the bottom line for businesses. In the future, sustainability will be a competitive element in the fight to attract the quality-conscious tourists.”

The foreign tourists surveyed particularly highlighted Denmark’s clean streets and clean drinking water as top parameters for their holiday choice. Meanwhile, the study shows that the more the tourists know about Denmark, the more they see it as a green nation.

Sources: The Danish Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs (in Danish), The Confederation of Danish Industry (in Danish), VisitDenmark (in Danish)

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